Ice Skating Rink Adds To Winter Weather Fun

Winter is upon us here in Pennsylvania, and that means a whole host of activities available to us that depend on the cold and snowy weather.

While some may feel that the only way to enjoy a winter in Pennsylvania is to temporarily move to Florida, there are options for those who ski, snowboard, sled, snowshoe or ice skate. There are also, of course, the year round usuals, such as biking or running, which can be kept up with the proper gear. Fortunately, Wright Township holds one of the more popular venues in a pretty central location -the ice skating rink that was added to the Wright Township Park close to three years ago.

According to Daniel Frascella, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, the rink was funded from numerous places. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Luzerne County Commissioners each provided a grant of 250k. Former Pennsylvania Senator, Jeffery Laman oversaw the funding of 30k, and there were private donations, including some from the Crestwood Industrial Park. Frascella said he went wherever somebody was who would listen, to garner the funding. He says that all of the work was well worth it.

“We are very pleased with the use that its getting,” says Frascella. “There was a roller hockey league there this summer and there are lots of kids out there practicing; you can hear the bang of the puck off the side walls on most days from the municipal building. It’s amazing how many kids you find out there.”

The rink will get much busier, however, once ice is in place on the surface. For that to happen, air temperatures have to dip below