Zoning Issues Dominate Dorrance Twp. Agenda

Dorrance supervisors, lead by Gary Zane, reviewed a number of zoning matters at the December 9th meeting.

Solicitor Don Karpowich informed, “We prosecuted an enforcement notice this month, in front of the zoning hearing board against Mountain Express. The complainant is here. The board made its decision.”

That decision was to deny an appeal from the Stairville Road-based truck repair company. Their appeal was the response to a non-compliance notice from Snelson for operating without the proper permits in place.

The complainant, Keith Hazlak commented that the business is not shut down, it’s active and creating even more disturbances to him. “That night of the hearing, at 3:40 am my whole family was wakened by a truck and it’s been five times since. What’s the next step here?” he asked with obvious frustration.

Atty. Karpowich replied, “Well, the zoning board issued its decision and there’s a thirty day appeal period.”

Hazlak asked, “So do we have to wait 30 days before we can do anything as far as a violation?”

“Yes,” Karpowich answered.

“So we can’t impose any violation while they file an appeal?” “That’s my understanding.” “It just doesn’t end, “said Hazlak. “It’s going to,” assured the solicitor.

The board also received a detailed report from Zoning Officer Alan Snelson who advised that he issued one permit for a single family home, and two other permits.

One was for a temporary second driveway into the development

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