School Board Elects Officers, New Directors Sworn In

Jerry Orloski was elected president and Ken Malkemes will be vice-president of the newly reorganized Crestwood School board for 2014. Three newly elected school directors, Randy Swank, Maureen McGovern and Norb Dotzel took their sworn oaths of office from District Magistrate Ron Swank at the December 3 meeting. Luzerne County Judge Richard Hughes swore in Eric Aigeldinger earlier in the day.

Committee chairpersons and committee members were appointed as follows:

Financial Planning –Ken Malkemes, Randy Swank, Gene Mancini;

Transportation –Norb Dotzel, Eric Aigeldinger, Randy Swank;

Policy –Bill Thomas, Maureen McGovern, Mike Marshall;

Human Resources –Gene Mancini, Eric Aigeldinger, Norb Dotzel;

Academic Programs –Mike Marshall, Maureen McGovern, Bill Thomas;

Co-Curricular –Norb Dotzel,

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