Dan Frascella Helped Make Wright Twp. The Right Twp.

DEDICATED PUBLIC SERVANT Dan Frascella has served on the Wright Township Board of Supervisors for the past 24 years. His service emphasized maintaining a great quality of life for residents.

When the modern history of Mountaintop is written, one man has earned an undeniable entry, Wright Township’s Daniel N. Frascella, Sr.

He may or may not have coined the play on words ‘Wright Township is the right township,’ but he spread it from one end of this commonwealth to the other. And he did his best to make it so.

Dan is serving the final days of his fourth term as a Wright Township Supervisor –24 years of service -and he’s still enjoying every moment.

Like many Mountaintoppers, Dan’s job brought him here and he put down roots right away, “We moved here in 1967 from New Jersey. We built a house on Albert Road and this was a great place to raise our kids. This was a great change of lifestyle for us.”

Danny and his wife, Fanny, have two sons, Daniel and Thomas and five grandchildren.

When Dan looked around the area he liked what he saw in Mountaintop, “It looked like a slow moving lifestyle compared to what we had in Trenton.”

Retiring from American Cigar, Dan took a job with Weis Market and it was there that he got the first encouragement to seek public office. “We were talking one day and somebody said, ‘You know you’d be a good supervisor, you ought to run.’ And I said, ‘Okay.’ I ran in 1989 and started in 1990.

“I won the Democratic nomination then went into the General and for that I went door to door. I covered a lot of ground in Mountaintop,” he recalls with a laugh.

More seriously he recounts that the conversations he had on the campaign trail were about the issues, “People asked me why I was running and I told them that there were things I wanted to look at and I wanted to make sure that the lifestyle stayed the same in Wright Township.”

Maintaining the great quality of life Wright Township enjoys has been recurring theme for Dan over 24 years. He also worked to improve the quality of life for others.

Specifically, he worked to convert the large corporations in the Crestwood Industrial Park into neighbors and friends for the good of everyone involved. “One of my main goals at that time was to remove the imaginary line down the center of Route 309 separating the industrial park from Wright Township.

“Those big companies were bringing in 100s of jobs for the people of Wright Township and beyond,” he recalls. To bridge the gap, Dan worked with the Chamber of Commerce, county commissioners, the school board and federal and state officials to create an open door committee.

“We held monthly luncheons to discuss issues and talk about the community.” Dan lists the luminaries of local politics, Senator Lisa Baker, Rep Karen Boback, Senator John Yudichak and Rep. Gerry Mullery and others. “We got things done –nobody had a separate agenda. We all came together for the improvement of the Mountaintop area. It worked out well. We set up a KOZ zone and brought in 3000 jobs.

“We didn’t do it alone. We had a lot of help with the school district and surrounding municipalities.”

Dan is quick to say that his colleagues on the board worked hard to achieve the many accomplishments of his 24 years: the advances of recycling over the years from promoting the corporate partners to reduce, recycle, reuse, to the grant that built the recycling center, an even larger grant to create and build the Mountaintop Area COG Composting Facility, to mandatory recycling, to the money-saving new single-stream program in place in Wright, Dan’s been there and he commends the men and women he’s served with. “All of

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