PERENNIAL GARDEN PLANTED AT ST. JUDE’S-As part of earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, Jordyn Rickrode, a former student at St. Jude School, planted a perennial garden on the school grounds and presented a program to the student body. Jordyn prepared a Power Point program showing the students how perennials bloom, photos of full grown plants, examples of perennial gardens and advice on the steps it takes to start your own. She collected numerous plants, including lilies, Rose of Sharon, Black-Eyed Susan, mums, and more, from her grandmother’s garden club and transplanted them at St. Jude’s. As each student left the assembly, they were presented with a small Columbine plant which Jordyn had raised from a seedling. She is a student at Wyoming Seminary. Shown from left are Charles Molecavage, Bobby Shafer, Ryan Martinelli, Rickrode, Shreya Rupareliya, Katelyn Bozinko, and Gemma Alberti.