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they need help. Some of these folks become supporters after they no longer need the support themselves.

“There have been individuals who have come in to request a dinner and are mortified to have to ask,” relates Angie. “Some have been laid off and they don’t want their children to know they can’t afford Thanksgiving. Some of those people have come back year after year to volunteer for others who are now in the same situation.”

Angie explains that the project typically sees enough food donations to meet demand; however the grant reward that she typically applies for to purchase fresh produce such as pumpkin pies, celery, carrots, butter, milk and eggs has unfortunately been cut in half. Turkeys are provided by the Commission for Economic Opportunity’s Weinberg Food Bank

According to its website, “The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Food Bank is a Regional Food Bank servicing charitable organizations by providing food to alleviate hunger and promote proper nutrition… [and] provides food assistance to Faith-based and 501(c)3 nonprofit community organizations to distribute to needy families…In the last year, the Weinberg Food Bank distributed over 4.8 million pounds of food to more than 160 agencies.”

If you missed your opportunity to help this year, consider helping next year by contacting St. Paul’s Church, through product of monetary donations, or becoming a sponsor of the CEO and the Weinberg Food Bank by calling the Wyoming Valley location at (570) 825-0968 or foodbank@