Rice Legal

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9/30/13 -.6hrs $171 Review of correspondence from George Venesky –re: proposed meeting with Chris Gerber, Esquire; Preparation of correspondence to George Venesky re: same; Telephone call with Tony Rogan.

Higgs Billings

Rice Solicitor William Higgs is paid $125 per hour. His total bill for October was $1509.25.

October 2013 Polonia Estates $518.75

Conferences with Miller Stella concerning blockage of Manor Drive: Legal Research and file review; Review correspondence from township engineer; Review letter from Quad 3 regarding improvements not completed and bonding amounts and costs; Conferences with client Miller Stella and Police regarding blockage of road; legal research regarding same; Email to client regarding recommended actions; Review Supervisors Responses to Email; Draft demand letter to bond company.

October 2013 Litigation $500

10/31/13 3 Hrs-$375 Legal research regarding vote of Twp. Supervisors –Tie Votes and Other Issues.

11/6/13 .3 hrs $37.50 Conferences with client regarding Polonia and Heslop Road.

11/7/13 .7 hrs $87.50 Conference with client, PA Game Commission, and PSATS regarding Heslop Road and other matters.

October 2013 Heslop Rd $487.50 10/21/13 .4 hrs $50 Conference

with client and PA Game Commission; .1 hr $12.50 Call to PA Game Commission re: Waiver and recording of vacating Ordinancenot in-left detailed message

10/22/13 .2 hrs $25 Conference with Matt McGowan; 1 hour $125 Draft gate agreement with Matt McGowan.

11/5/2013 .3 hrs $37.50 Email from Atty Doganiero and reply; Call to Attorney Doganiero.

11/7/13 .2 hrs $25 Calls to PA Game Commission.