On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

The Thanksgiving holiday is probably my favorite. Lara and Mark Dicus and four of our grandchildren, Charlie, Patrick, Kate and Maggie travel “over the river and through the woods” from Brooklyn for the four day weekend. Mark Grubert flies in from Charlotte, North Carolina and now thanks to Facetime, Amy Grubert and Chris Wolpert and our California granddaughters Clementine and Penny can share time with us too.

I always cook a nice big turkey and the traditional side dishes our family enjoys. Sweet potatoes, green beans almandine, turnips, creamed onions, fresh cranberry relish and savory stuffing are heartily enjoyed. Mark Dicus and Mark Grubert are the master carvers, a job I am happy to designate. Lara has brought pies and her delicious pumpkin cheesecake for several years. I make some chocolate peanut butter balls for the holidays.

Bringing Home the Tree

Last year we started a new tradition by going over to Helen & Ed’s Tree Farm in Dorrance and cutting down our fresh tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s not that I want to rush the season, but the family never got to see our tree when we put it up after Thanksgiving as we go to New York for Christmas.

Last Saturday was beautiful for tree picking and there were a few other early birds at the farm. The big crowds will be coming for the next 3 weekends and the Myslowskis are ready to assist with cutting, bailing, and delivery to your vehicle if necessary. Enjoying a truly fresh tree is the best.

Once in the house the new tree is quite thirsty for the first couple of days. The house is warm and the tree draws up moisture faster than it did while growing in the earth. Keep it watered and you will have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

I love to sit by the tree to do my writing. The bright lights and decades worth of ornaments all have so many memories for me. As I put each one on the tree I remember where or who I got it from. Some are from our army days at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia 45 years ago.

Charlie and I put out four strings of lights along the front of our house. We did that job on Sunday and the wind child was howling at about 5 degrees. Bad day for an outside chore, but then I wanted it done before the children came. All the lights are on timers. When I come home at night the colors of this special season are a warm welcoming sight.

Turkey Give-Away

The Eagle staff had a lot of fun with the Turkey Give-Away again this year. 23 turkeys were awarded to the lucky winners last Thursday. Our stellar salesperson Denise O’Connor sold the ads, our talented graphic designer Samantha Laskowski made the ads and designed the coupon page for readers to enjoy the promotion, and I delivered and picked up the Turkey boxes. Shopping and then loading up 23 turkeys in my trunk always draws wide-eyed looks and comments from bystanders. It is quite a load, but one that we enjoy doing every year. As we enjoy our turkey dinners this week, we can all says a prayer of thanks for the good will we extend to each other this time of year.

Toys for Tots Collection want to tell all our readers that the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program is ongoing here in Mountaintop. In addition to the Mountaintop Eagle’s drop off location, Cavanaugh’s Grille and the American Legion Post 781 are also collecting new unwrapped toys for distribution to local children who may not get a visit from Santa this year. In past years we have received bikes, games, dolls, and every other amusing toy that a child would enjoy. Please include Toys for Tots in your holiday gift giving plans.

Deer Season I am hoping that all of the deer that

have been frequenting my yard these last couple of months comes by for one last hurrah while the children are here. We love to see them outside. Next week is deer hunting season, so you don’t know what that will bring.

The December Rice Township Supervisor’s meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday December 17 from it’s standard second Tuesday of the month, which was December 10. George Venesky will be hunting from December 2 through December 14 and pushing back the meeting date fits that scenario.

Bright Night Illumination Over in Rice Police Chief Bob

Franks told me that a new municipal streetlight has been installed at the intersection of Heslop Road and Haystack Mountain Road, Harry Kemmerer’s driveway. There are now three bright lights in the 500-foot distance between Kemmerer’s road and Jim Karpinski’s gated property entrance, which lines the swamp. Franks said the other two lights in the stretch were installed and are paid for by the property owners. The area has to be the most well lit intersection in Mountaintop. I believe night fishing could easily be enjoyed year round in the adjacent swamp. I counted the streetlights from Nuangola Road on Heslop to Haystack Mountain Road. A distance of 2 miles and there are a total of four including two at the entrance and exit of Wilderness Estates. The lights will certainly ward off those with dishonorable agendas.

Shortened Schedule The Eagle staff will be busy this

week getting next week’s edition ready on a shortened schedule. We were especially busy last week getting this week’s special holiday edition ready for press. We always have lots of news and when the advertisers promote their businesses here in the Eagle we all win.