Rice Supervisors Stella And Venesky Approve Installation Of Heslop Rd. Gate

PANCAKE LOVERS Hannah, Ava and Catherine Glynn really enjoyed the annual Kiwanis Pancake & Sausage Breakfast. The annual event was held at the Crestwood High School.

Rice  Supervisors  Miller  Stella  and  George  Venesky  passed  a  motion  to  install

 a  gate  across  Heslop  Road  at  the

 end  of  the  paved  portion  at  the  regular  monthly  meeting  Tuesday  November  12,  2013.  The  motion  also  included

 installation  of  a  light  at  the  end

 of  the  paved  portion.  Supervisor  Marcia  Thomas  voted  No. The  public  contributed  nearly  40  minutes

 of  discussion  of  the  issue  before  the  vote  to  block  the  public  road

 was  taken.  Tom  Cherry  told  the  board.  “It’s  only  a  matter  of  time  that  if

 you  want  to  spend  money  on  a  gate  come  January  the  gate  is  going  to  be  taken  down  anyway.  You  are  wasting  taxpayers’

 money,  because  you  have  some  sort  of  compulsion  to  erect  a  gate.  The  issue  is  clear,  and  I  said  that

 to  Mr.  Higgs  last  month,  that  if  you

 are  going  to  vacate  the  public’s  access  to  the  right  of  way,  you  are  vacating  the  road.  There  has  been  no  advertisement

 on  this  and  you’re  still  attempting  to  put  up  that  gate.  It  is  an   illegal  action  on  your  part.  And  I  will  tell

 you  straight  out  that  I  will  take  both  of  you  to  court  over  this  and  I  am

 sure  there  are  plenty  of  people  here  that  will  back  me  on  it.  You  cannot  legally  vacate  a  public  road,”  warned  Cherry.

Stella  said  he  supported  the  motion  “ providing  it’s  not  interfering  with  the

 township  road  and  anybody’s  property.  “We  want  to  put  the  gate  so

 it’s  not  a  liability  to  this  township.  OK,  I  don’t  need  anybody  going  into  that

 swamp  at  2  in  the  morning.  Go  ahead,  sue  me,  whatever,”  continued  Stella,  “I  am  putting  a  motion  on  the

 floor  to  put  a  security  gate  and  a  light  at  the  end  of  the  paved  portion  of

 Heslop  Road,  Rice  Township,  Luzerne  County.”

The  end  of  the  pave  on  Heslop  Road  is  at  the  intersection  of  Heslop  Road  and

 Haystack  Mountain  Road,  which  is  posted  as  a  private  road  leading  to  the

 home  of  Harry  Kemmerer.  1800  Haystack  Mountain  Road,  is  shown  on

 GPS  maps.  

The  new  approved  gate  will  be  .4  of  a  mile  from  the  Pennsylvania  State  Gamelands

 boundary.  Joe  Tweedle  said,

 “When  Mr.  Kemmerer  moved  in  he  didn’t  want  anybody  parking  on  Heslop  Road.  I  went  there  today  and  it

 says  don’t  leave  your  vehicle.  How  can  he  stop  anybody  from  going  up  that  road?”

Stella  responded,  “He  can’t,  it’s  a  public  road.”

Gary  Rozanski  said  that  Kemmerer  had  put  a  No  Trespassing  sign  on  his  vehicle  when  he  was  parked  on

 Heslop  Road  last  year  in  bear  season.  Rozanski  recounted  that  after  he

 called  Kemmerer  about  the  No  Trespassing  warning,  Kemmerer  put  stones  in  the  area  where  Rozanski  had


Police  Chief  Bob  Franks  replied,  

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