MOUNTAINTOP WINS CHAMPIONSHIP-The Mountaintop U13 Boys #1 soccer team  won the  U13 Boys Wyoming Valley  Cup Championship after winning their final game, 3-1, against Back Mountain #1 in the championship game on November 2nd. Scoring for Mountaintop in the victory were Jake Miscavage, Will Ziegler and Dean Ambosie with Anthony Caporuscio in the goal. The team was unbeaten in the 5 Cup games  and had a 14-1 record for the season. Shown, front from left: Evan Burleson, Justin Kachurak, Daniel Garcia, Anthony Caporuscio, Zachary Ayre, Robert Bueg, and Matthew Shipton. Row two: David Gugliotti, Cameron Shedlock, Dean Ambosie, Will Ziegler, Andrew Lehman, Jake Miscavage, Lee Lysiak, Luke Lysiak and Wyatt Malia. Back: Coaches Bill Ziegler, Bruce Lehman and Larry Shipton.