HONORS RECITAL AT WILKES UNIVERSITY-The NE PA Music Teachers Association recently presented an Honors Recital at Wilkes University, featuring pianists, vocalists, violinists who auditioned at the Sutton Festival to earn silver or gold medals after performing for adjudication. Pupils also took a written Theory test to qualify to perform in the Honors recital. Andrea Bogusko, Mountaintop; Valerie Grabi and Judith Katra, Mountaintop; chaired the events which presented over 57 pupils performing at Wilkes. Members who students qualified to perform include Laura Anderson, Mountaintop; Bogusko, Pam Carroll, Ray Cramer, Grabiec, Katra, Irina Manasyan, Michele Millington, Mountaintop; Maureen Salley, Diane Shuleski, Mountaintop; and Narda Sperrazza. Performers, shown front from left: Andrew Murawski, Mountiantop; Molly Grove, Mountaintop; Kylie Freiman, Vaughn Kutish, and Austin Canizares, Mountaintop. Row two: Dina Clar, Catherine Ziegler, Mountaintop; Luke Gondella, Jack Walsh, Alice Zhang, Korina Cheng, Mountaintop; Kevin Cheng, Mountaintop; Emily Fleming, and Vivian Wright. Row three: Cassie Lockhart, Kelly Weaver, and Alexandra Ayers, Mountaintop. Back: Caleb Sweitzer, Andrew Alday, Mountaintop; Ben Brubaker, Dominic Wright, Joshua Villarosa, Celina Zhang, Eli Dove, Mountaintop; Mikayla Dove, Mountiantop; and Jason Mcilvain. Rebecca Brnadreth, Michala Dennis, Matt parsons, Paige Parsons and April Roskos also performed. Teachers who may be interested in joining the NSEPMTA may contact Boguskomusic@hotmail.comfor more information.