Taney,  Smith Prevail  In Rice  Election

Mountaintop voters came to the polls November 6 to select Crestwood school directors, township supervisors, councilmen, auditors, tax collectors and a mayor. The six municipalities had an average voter turnout ranging from 22.24% in Fairview to 48.31% in Nuangola. Countywide the average was 25.31%.

Rice Township

The Rice Township Supervisors race drew 32.77@ of the townships 2322 registered voters with Democrat Mark Taney winning over Republican Don Armstrong with 56.20% of the vote. The spread between Taney’s 408 votes and Armstrong’s 270 was 138 votes. Rich Evans waged a late write-in campaign and got 45 votes. Evans had lost to Armstrong by 4 votes in the Republican primary in May.

The Rice 6 year auditor term was won by Democrat Carl Smith with 433 votes and 64.15% of the total votes cast. Incumbent Republican Rhonda Rowles was a distant second with 242 votes and 35% of the total with a spread of 191 votes between the winner and loser.

Wright Township

Wright Township had a spirited three way run for two 6-year terms for supervisor. Colleen Macko garnered 710 votes to win her first public office with 40.23%. Incumbent Republican Don Zampetti won the second seat with 607 votes and 34.39%. Veteran Wright Supervisor Dan Frascella was third with 437 votes. Frascella,

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