St. Martin InTheFields To Honor Veterans

Veterans Day is Monday, November 11th and St. Martin In The Fields will have a special celebratory Holy Eucharist for Veterans Day, as it is also the feast day of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours. It will be at 7 pm and all veterans and anyone wishing to honor our vets in this special way are welcome to join us.

It is appropriate that St. Martin’s feast day falls on Veterans Day for he served many years in the military. One day, when he was stationed in Amiens in Gaul, he met a poor man shivering for lack of clothing. He had already given all his money as alms, so he drew his sword, cut his soldier’s cloak in half, and gave half of it to the poor man. (The large stain glass window in the front of the Church depicts this event.)

That night Christ appeared to him, clothed in the half-cloak he had given away, and said to His angels, “Martin, though still a catechumen, has clothed me in this garment.”

Martin was baptized soon afterward. Though he still desired to become a monk, he did not obtain his discharge from the army until many years later, in 356.

As the holy Bishop lay dying in 397, the devil appeared to tempt him one last time. The Saint said, “You will find nothing in me that belongs to you. Abraham’s bosom is about to receive me.” With these words he gave up his soul to God. He is the first confessor who was not a martyr to be named a Saint in the West.

The Annual Meeting will be held on November 10th following the 10 am   Holy Eucharist. We will have a potluck luncheon followed by the meeting. Just bring a dish to share and spend a pleasant afternoon with some new and old friends.

Bag of Books Sale: The Book Nook at Saint Martin In The Fields is overflowing with great reading material and more is arriving almost daily. So to help make room for the new arrivals, there will be a BAG SALE from 10 am to  1 pm on the second and third Saturdays of this month.

Old Fashion Sewing Bee? I Father Dan Fitzsimmons is planning on teaching classes in knitting or quilt making this fall depending on which generates the most interest. If you are interested in one or both of these classes lets us know by calling Janeann at 570-868-6895.