Crestwood High Hosting ‘Cavalcade Of Bands’
MARCHING ON THE MOUNTAIN CAVALCADE OF BANDS’ competition will be held at Crestwood High School on Saturday, October 26. The community is invited to enjoy an afternoon of talented musicaisn from area high schools.

Crestwood’s  blazing  hot  Marching  Band  and  Color  Guard  are  hosting  ‘

Marching  on  the  Mountain  – Cavalcade  of  Bands’  on  Saturday,  October

 26th,  starting  at  1  pm.

Band  Parent  Association  President  Leigh  Michel  says  that  the  members  of

 the  Color  Guard  and  Marching  Band  are  proudly  representing  the

 Crestwood  community  in  five  competitions  including  the  one  they  are  hosting  on  Saturday.  “We  have  seven  bands  performing  and  competing

 on  Saturday.  And  there  will  be  great  music  all  afternoon.”

Color  Guard  moms,  Denice  Mulvey  and  Dawn  Wells  are  on  the

 organizing  committee  and  they  assure  that  the  Cavalcade  will  have  great

 entertainment  and  plenty  of  good  food  and  fun.  “We  are  selling  programs

 and  having  concessions,  basket  raffles  and  other  events  throughout

 the  day,”  Denice  explains.  “

The  gates  open  at  1  pm  and  the  show  starts  at  2  pm.  The  admission  is

 $5  for  adults  and  $3  for  seniors  and  students.”

Denice  adds  proudly  that  the  56  students  in  the  program,  including  her

 daughter  Joanna,  work  long  hours  to  perfect  their  performance,  but  it’s  all  worth  it  when  the  music  starts.

Dawn  Wells,  whose  daughter  Jenni  is  Color  Guard  Co-Captain  with  Jessica  Olszyk,  agrees,  “There  is

 a  lot  for  the  kids  to  learn  and  the  program  is  progressively  adding  new  elements:

 it  is  continuing  to  evolve.  This  year’s  show  is  very  theatrical.”

In  addition  to  Jenni,  Dawn’s  French  exchange  student,  Violette  Hiegel,  is  in

 the  band.  Dawn  explains  proudly  the

 Violette  arrived  early  for  her  visit  expressly  so  she  could  participate  in  the  band  camp  in  the  color  guard.

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