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develop for this first effort, Regina and Dawn Marie are racing to the finish-line –a metaphor for the American Cancer Association’s effort to eradicate this disease from our lexicon.

A breast cancer survivor herself, Dawn Marie is the mom of two active boys, she’s a wife with a career and not that much time on her hands.

Yet, she spent a Saturday recently traveling to an American Cancer Society Relay For Life summit in Bethlehem, PA. “It was the first time I drove anywhere by myself and I got lost on my way home,” she admits with a laugh.

But Dawn Marie refused to quit even though the GPS told her one thing, and the signs told her another. She trusted her instincts and got home just fine.

The message, after 100 years of fighting this disease and 14 million cancer survivors like Dawn Marie celebrating birthdays this year –keep on living your life and helping the cause! So plan to attend the Fall Festival and lend your support to the American Cancer Society.