Mountaintop’s 1st Annual Relay For Life Fall Festival Scheduled October 19

Looking for a fun event? How about a fun event that does a whole lot of good for the community?

If that sounds good to you then plan to come out to the Mountaintop Little League complex on Alberdeen Road on Saturday, October 19th from 9 am to 2 pm for the First Annual Mountaintop Relay For Life Fall Festival!

Organizers are planning for a community get-together with a Craft Show; Flea Market and a Farmer’s Market. And it’s all for a great cause: the American Cancer Society –and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Appropriately, we all recognize the ‘Think Pink’ symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness –even the NFL.

But the Mountaintop Relay For Life Fall Festival organizers Dawn Marie Chalk and Regina Kloeker are actively involved in getting everyone actively involved in the American Cancer Association’s 100 Year drive to “transform cancer from deadly to preventable.”

So come out and help and have a good time, too.

Dawn Marie says that plans have been rolling to start a Relay For Life Fall Festival. The object is to bring the community together and raise funds for the teams that will take part in the May 17/18, 2014 Mountain Relay For Life held each year at the Crestwood High School stadium.

“I am working with Regina on this. We want to fill the Little League complex with crafters, flea market stands and farm stands. Locations are only $10 each and we have all of those baseball fields to fill.”

She added that the Little League concession stand will be stocked with great food and open for business, “The proceeds from the concession stand help the Little League and the fee for the vendors will be divided equally among the Relay For Life Teams that participate.”

Dawn Marie and Regina are serving as Co-Chairs on this event that builds up to the Relay For Life event in May. The organizers know that a number of the teams that participate in the annual Relay For Life Event will be out to participate in the Fall Festival.

“A lot of teams want to get started on their programs for the year,” Dawn Marie says. This is an early start to the wonderful Mountaintop Relay For Life Teams that participate in the May event. Dawn Marie explains, “Some teams want to start early in building up their fund-raising for the big May 2014 event. I would like people to see the Mountaintop Relay For Life event at the Crestwood High School as the first bazaar of each year!”

For supporters like the Road Runner Team, Disney Dreams and the Think Pink Team, each event –every effort -is a worthwhile project to help those affected and help to fight the disease of cancer.

And all agree that you can support a great cause and have a great time while you’re at it!

Vendors are asked to register with Regina at 570-417-4047, and anyone wishing to reserve a flea market space, still has plenty of time.

While plans are continuing to

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RELAY FOR LIFE FALL FESTIVAL will be held this Saturday at the Mountaintop Little League Complex. Regina Kloeker and Dawn Chalk are the co-chairpersons for the 2014 Relay for Life.