Stella, Venesky Adopt Ordinance To Vacate Part Of Heslop Road

Rice Supervisors Miller Stella and George Venesky voted to adopt an ordinance to vacate Heslop Road from the Pennsylvania Game Commission property line to Brown Street in Fairview Township at the regular monthly meeting Tuesday October 8, 2013.

Public input was 100% against the vacation of the public road that has been in continuous use since 1841, according to historic records. At one time Heslop was the only road from Solomon’s Gap in Mountaintop to the area, which became settled as Nuangola Station in the early 1900’s.

Stella initiated discussion about the vacation of the road. “Heslop Road is a total, total disgrace. We’ve had storms. You can’t fix it with 4 or 5 truckloads of stone. It needs major reconstruction. Our own police force cannot get up there to enforce that road. It’s an accident waiting to happen, what I’ve seen. It’s nothing but swamp going up there.”

Joe Tweedle said he had used that road for nearly 80 years, beginning when he was a child. “We don’t want a paved road. What’s to stop your buddies up there for going on up with ATVs? We just want access for emergency vehicles only. Give us a place to park so we can go hunting. We don’t want a super highway. We just want some gravel.”

Tell the Truth

Supervisor Marcia Thomas said to Stella, “I just don’t understand the timing of this. You have been on for over 3 years. George has been on for 6 years. You (Stella) had a piece of heavy equipment in the swamp. Where you are putting a gate is a public road. You’re closing this off for some other reason. Why don’t

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