All Are Welcome To Join Road Rally SetAt St. Paul’s

All are welcome to the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Road Rally. The Road Rally will depart promptly at 4pm from the church fellowship hall, on October 19th.

Teams are made up of a minimum of two or more adults, or a family team with at least one adult and other family member(s) old enough to navigate while you drive. Both adult and families teams are encouraged to participate.

How to Play: Following clues, you will travel to several locations in Mountain Top and the surrounding areas, which will all be within about 10 miles from the church. At the mystery locations, you will need to answer a specific question based on local observations, and photograph your team members where the answer is found.

Helpful Things to Bring: Church Directory and local phone book, local map, GPS or invite Rand McNally to be on your team

Required Items: Digital camera or camera phone to document your travels (one can be provided if requested). The cost is $4 per person, or $10 per family, to cover cost of dinner (pizza, salad and soft drinks).

The Winning Team is the team with the highest number of points and will be awarded the highly coveted “2013 St. Paul’s Road Rally” award at the conclusion of the evening, One point (of 100) is forfeited for each minute a team returns to the church late -after 6:15pm.

If you have any questions, call the church office, the Doxseys (678-7648) or the Zimmermans (474-6147) for more information. Please register your participation on the sign-up sheet at the church.

The event will conclude at approximately 7:30pm.