Rice Tables Heslop Road Abandonment Ordinance

An ordinance to vacate historic Heslop Road in Rice Township was tabled at a special meeting Wednesday September 25. The ordinance was to have abandoned more than two miles of Heslop Road to adjacent land owners Jim Karpinski and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The road has been in continuous public use since 1873.

A gate was erected across Heslop Road near the Karpinski property sometime between September 6 and 9 with PGC signage warning that no motorized vehicles were permitted. The gate was removed sometime after it was discussed at the September 10 Rice supervisors meeting.

Matt McGowan from Presidential Land Company was the first to address the board. He had a copy of the maps showing he “has a 50 foot right of way and a 700 foot extension of my property all the way up to Heslop Road by where the gamelands start. That would greatly affect us if that road was ever abandoned. I just want to say we oppose closing that road even going way up to the game commission. PPL has a right of way to go and service the power lines from Heslop Road and Brown Street. That’s how they get up there. That’s all I have,” said McGowan.

Minority supervisor Marcia Thomas said, “Several years ago Presidential Land Company came before the planning commission and presented a sketch plan for a development that included access to Heslop Road, which would give us a secondary access. It is in compliance with our SALDO (Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance) and for safety reasons, it is a gift to the township that they are willing to provide that. They are on record already of proposing a subdivision

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