Rice Board To Discuss 10-Year Fire Protection Services Contract

Rice Township Supervisors will hold a special meeting Wednesday September 25 for consideration and execution of a contract for Fire Services with the Wright Township Volunteer Fireman’s Association.

The Fire Protection Services Contract and agreement is for a period of ten (10) years from the time the majority of the Rice Township Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance on June 25, 2013 decertifying the Rice Township Volunteer Fire Department and employing the Wright Fire Department from that date. The contract stipulates that Rice Township shall not have any right or power with respect to Wright Township Volunteer Fire Company’s services.

Rice will pay the Wright Fire Department $2500 per month ($15,000 total) by August 1, 2013. That payment has already been rendered.

For the year 2014 the payment of $30,000 will be due. For the years 2015 through 2024 the payment will be made according to a financial formula based on population. For the years 2015 through 2023 the annual base payment will rise by the percentage provided by the Consumer Price Index and adjusted annually.

Rice Township shall immediately make available to the Fire Department the Township Maintenance Building at 3000 Church Road, Mountain Top, PA 18707 for stationing of Fire Department vehicles and fire-fighting equipment until a permanent garage facility can be acquired or constructed by Rice Township at the sole expense of the township within

See Contract page 4