School Board Names Activity Advisors

Crestwood school directors conducted the Sept. 19 meeting, recognized a new student government and appointed district activity advisors.

Lead by President Eric Aigeldinger, the board of directors welcomed Student Government advisor and teacher Charles Herring. “It is my pleasure to introduce the new Crestwood High School Student government, the best and the brightest,” he proudly announced.

Herring introduced Student Council President Rebecca Price. In turn, she introduced Vice President Devon Distasio, Treasurer Robert Keenan, Corresponding Secretary Rachael Lackenmier, Recording Secretary Kristian Givens, and School Board Representatives Kyle Rozitski and Kristiana Bowman.

Price reported that, “During the school year, we as student government do many things to support the school. This year we have already hosted the orientation for ninth grade; planned for the Semi Formal in November. We will send packages to former Crestwood soldiers serving abroad, we participate in Relay for Life and we also give monetary donations to the yearbook, the senior lock in and we also participate in the school board.”

Bowman and Rozitski presented student news, reporting that the senior class represents a total high school student body of 961 students this year which is 55 students less than last year’s September 2012 enrollment of 1,016. The September 2011 Crestwood enrollment was 3, 015. Crestwood School District has a total of 2,916 in total which is 99 students less than two years ago.

Under athletics, it was reported that the boy’s golf team earned the distinction of WVC AAA DII Champs.

In football, sophomore Tanner Kahlua rushed for 267 yards and scored five touchdowns in the first two football games of the season. In game three, Frank Aigeldinger rushed for 322 yards and scored four touchdowns.

During public comment Barry Boone added, “Last Friday night, Frank Aigeldinger ran for 322 yards as noted by the student reps. That was the top rushing in the state of Pennsylvania last weekend. Quite an

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