DUI Checkpoints, Patrols Save Lives
FALL MUM SALE-Sarah Thomas, Lauren Higgs and Alexander Pirolli, members of St Jude’s Youth Group, held a fall mum sale after Masses last weekend. The event helps support their National Catholic Youth Group Conference in Colorado.

The  message  Officer  David  Winsock  wants  the  public  to  hear  is  ‘

Don’t  Drink  and  Drive.’ It’s  that  simple.

And  that  adage  was  brought  home  recently  with  vivid  reality  to  local  police

 personnel  when  a  drunk  driver  sideswiped  two  cruisers,  injured  an  officer

 and  kept on going!

This  incident  serves  as  a  chilling  illustration  of  the  seriousness  of  this  issue.  Ptlm.  Dave  Winsock  reports  that

 incident  occurred  on  Friday,  August  30th  – the  night  of  the  most  recent

 DUI  roving  patrol.

He  explains  that  Wright  and  Rice  Township  Police  have  worked  together  over  the  last  five  years  to  operate

 DUI  enforcement  efforts,  “

This  partnership  allows  us  to  cover  more  territory  by  working  together.

“There  are  two  varieties.  One  is  a  checkpoint  which  is  stationary,  where  we

 take  one  section  of  a  roadway  with  plenty  of  room  and  stop  the  vehicles  that  come  through.  It’s  an  educational

 thing  to  make  people  aware  that  we  are  conducting  a  checkpoint

 and  make  sure  that  people  are

 driving  safely  and  not  creating  a  hazard  to  other  drivers. “The  main  focus  is  to  educate  people

 on  how  to  be  safe  on  the  roadways,  and  the  risk  of  drinking  and

 driving.  And  we  educate  people  as  to  how  to  identify  a  drunk  driver.  We

 hand  out  pamphlets  and  tell  them  if  they  see  a  vehicle  that  is  all  over  the

 roadway  to  contact  police.” He  said  checkpoints  can  easily  

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