Planning Issues Addressed In Dorrance

In a brief September 5th meeting, rescheduled from Labor Day, Dorrance Township Supervisors Gary Zane and Bill Wengrzynek approved a subdivision plan and the advertisement of a public hearing on changes to the township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

The Robert and Melanie Davis Minor Plan calls for the creation of three lots from a 94 acre parcel on Hollow Road. One lot is intended as a family transfer and one 41 acre lot will be recorded at a ‘residual lot’ and will remain unimproved, according to Zoning Officer Alan Snelson.

The board endorsed the

planning commission’s positive recommendation by approving the plan.

Solicitor Donald Karpowich advised that an amendment to the SALDO will streamline the process of consolidating parcels, also known as a reverse subdivision. In the previous month’s meeting, Karpowich advised that the amendment will allow property owners to combine contiguous lots into one lot without necessitating the expensive review process needed when separating or dividing lots.

“I advertised the SALDO amendment. We did receive the county comments. Based on those comments, I’m going to recommend that we approve that amendment at our next meeting. It was advertised and that meeting will be October 7th at 6 pm.” He noted later that the public comment period for the ordinance revision is scheduled one hour before the start of the regular municipal meeting.

In his report, Snelson stated that a permit was issued for a new single family home off Creek Road, and two drive way permits were issued in August.

Karpowich also announced that the board will meet with a grant writer to investigate options for “one or more possible applications for a” Local Share Gaming Grant. After the meeting he said that funding could be sought for central air conditioning for the municipal building, recreation improvements and/or a paving project.

An executive session was held prior to the meeting regarding litigation with Button Oil and Propane Company, representing a federal action against the township and a mandamus action in state court.

The next Dorrance meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 7th.