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problem is horrible, for them. When our god-fearing soldiers are sent to address the problem and they are put in harms way, they are the victims too. No, America cannot intervene in the Syrian problem.

President Barack Obama has always lain back from dealing with Syria. He now wants the US Congress to empower a military presence in a foreign country that we have no stake in.

Why? It could be Syria’s proximity to Israel, which the US has strongly supported since Israeli independence was declared in 1948. The US is Israel’s strongest ally.

Obama could go against Syria through executive order. He does just that regularly with issues he likes. Now he wants the congress to get involved. I saw news show after news shoe over the weekend where the people are saying “No”.

We have enough problems on this continent. Obama should stay home and take care of problems here. And that doesn’t include weekly campaign style trips on Air Force One costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.