Hospice Seeking Mountaintop Volunteers

If you have some spare time, and you want to make a difference in someone’s life, Jillian Dalton asks that you think about becoming a hospice volunteer.

Jillian works for Heartland, a health care company offering skilled care facilities and home based care. “Most of our patients are in skilled care location, but some are still at home.” She notes that a hospice volunteer can give families the opportunity to take some time to attend to their own needs while offering “comfort and companionship to our patients.”

“This is all about our patients,” she says loud and clear. When hospice services are needed, these individuals benefit so much from a visitor, a companion, even just someone to read to them.

“We have patients in the Mountaintop area and we are looking for volunteers to help,” Jillian explains.

Reading a book or magazine to someone, playing cards or helping with small chores or errands, “offers much needed relief for caregivers and family.” Sometime a volunteer can help with clerical assistance in the Wilkes-Barre based Heartland office.

“Basically we are looking for Mountaintop based volunteers. I give them a short orientation program and then they become friendly visitors for socialization for our patients.” She assures that all volunteers receive all necessary training and then Jillian pairs the volunteer with the patient and personally introduces the volunteer to the patient either in a care facility or in their home.

“We are flexible, so if a volunteer says that they are available from 2 to 4 pm on Friday, we will make that work. I try to set it up so that the volunteers are paired with patients close to home. We make it as convenient as possible.”

About the only requirement, she explains, is being 18 or older and wanting to help –no special skills are needed.

But if you have the time and are willing to help, Jillian Dalton says, “Hospice volunteering is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.” And she simply adds, “You can make a difference in someone’s life.”

As Heartland’s Volunteer Coordinator, Jillian understands more than most how important the simple gift of your time can be.

For more information contact Jillian at (570) 822-4979.