Nuangola Council Votes To Recind Citations For Pumping Violations

Nuangola Borough Council voted to rescind citations for non-compliance with the borough’s mandatory septic tank pumping ordinance issued against 19 property owners at their August 13 meeting. The ordinance had been adopted several years ago when the Nuangola’s DEP Act 537 sewer plan was approved. The citations were filed in July at the magisterial district court by Nuangola Solicitor John G. Dean at the request of council. The motion to rescind the citations was requested by Council President John Kochan at the borough’s August 13 meeting. Kochan stated that an executive session was held the night before and asked for a motion “not to proceed with those delinquencies for 2012.”

Councilor Regina Plodwick interjected a subsidiary motion to amend, stating, “If the people who pumped in 2009 abided by the law, then they should be reimbursed because they pumped.” She also said she believes it to be a violation of the Act 537 Plan and that the act would have to be revised. Atty. Dean disagreed with her analysis of the Act. Council voted 4 to 2 with Plodwick and Ted Vancosky dissenting. When contacted, Atty. Dean explained that the vote was based on discussions held during an executive session and acted upon at the public meeting. Based on council’s decision, Dean reported, he withdrew  the citations and notified the property owners.

Previously, Nuangola Sewer Authority board members were told at the July 22 meeting that final completion by October 15 may not be “realistic.” Several months before, the original deadline of August 15th had been pushed back to September.

Dan Loughran, Quad 3’s project manager, reported that he believes that part one of the $9 million plan will end near Willow Grove Street

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