Rice Board Hears Complaints, Pays Legal Bills

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors met Tuesday August 13 to pay bills and hear public comment on several issues.

Karl Kaminski commented on the Heslop Road paving project “The paving took a long time to complete. It is better than nothing. They did the milling. And they did nothing to repair the roadway. Why didn’t they repair the roadbed?”

Chairman Miller Stella responded, ”It was inspected by our engineer and he said everything is OK.”

Kaminski returned, “I would suggest you look into getting a new engineer. You know he doesn’t know how to put a culvert in, let along inspect the road. The road has been breaking in the same place since 1989. The road deteriorates in the same place every 5 or 6 years. What we have now is just a different patch job. I don’t expect it to last any length of time.” Kaminski ended his input that the road damage he and other residents incurred did a lot of damage to vehicles.

Gina Tombasco, a member of the decertified Rice Township Volunteer Fire Company addressed the board. “We did receive your Right to Know letter about the insurance. Just so you know we are 100% fully insured again. We have Workman’s Comp again. If anybody is driving trucks they are fully insured.

“We are having a Spaghetti Dinner Saturday. An anonymous complaint was filed with the Department of Agriculture. He inspected the grounds, he gave us 100% go ahead to have the dinner.

“We are going to sit down and talk to the officers of Wright Township. Being decertified right now it is hard to go ahead with a merger. Technically there can’t be a merger,” summed up Tombasco.

Mary Anne Whitonis addressed the board about fire company protocols. She was told by Wright Assistant Chief Mark Gustidus that there are legal rules that all volunteer fire companies follow when responding and participating in fire fighting, and that if she wanted to learn more she was welcome to come over to the Wright Firehall on Monday nights.

Whitonis also said that fire company vehicles were slowly driving past her house after a public meeting. Whitonis lives on Church Road. Police Chief Bob Franks said Church Road is posted at 30 m. p. h and is there is no minimum speed posted.

Rice Township approved another $6,870.25 in legal bills for two

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