New Traffic Patterns Ordered For Crestwood School Year

After its summer recess, the Crestwood School Board announced appointments and established new traffic rules to ease congestion at the high-middle school campus.

Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith announced that school will start of August 26th, kindergarten will begin three days later. “The buildings are coming along very nicely, if not totally completed… We will be ready for children to return as well as teachers.”

McLaughlin-Smith detailed a new plan for traffic calming on the school grounds and beyond. He stated that the changes were reported in the local papers, indicating that the new rules say that, “students that are being dropped off from 7:15 to 7:30 am will need to come into the school from the South Main entrance to eliminate cars and busses being backed up to McDonald’s in one direction and the hot dog stand in the other direction. This will also prevent students being dropped off –literally –on Route 309 to walk onto school property.”

He added that, during that time, the front entrance will be exclusively open to busses in order to increase safety to the students and the motorists. He advised that the full traffic plan is available on the Crestwood School District website.

Moving on to committee reports, President Eric Aigeldinger moved briskly through an agenda that named full and part time staff and coaches for the school year.

Ken Malkemes, Human Resources Chair, recommended Department Chairpersons: “Business –Christy Laubach, English –Joseph Sainclair, World Languages –Loni Cinoski, Health/Phys. Ed –Greg Myers, Mathematics –Lorilee Rozitski, Pupil Personnel –Joel Heintzelman, Related Arts –Jeff Pierontoni, Science –William Heckman and Special Education –Shannon Zurawski.”

In addition, Jacklyn Ganz was appointed a Middle School Reading Specialist. Support Staff appointments included John Hadu –full time custodian, and part time custodians Michelle Young, Debra Grenewicz, and Jesse Davis.

Co-Curricular Chairman, Michael Marshall recommended the appointments of Don Flynn, Walter Stets and John Sharkus to the football coaching staff. Extra-curricular positions were granted to Amanda Crane –Visual Caption Head –Band; Phil Ioanna –Music Instructor –Band; Eric Broyan –Percussion Instructor –Band; Ilan Raschkovsky and Patrick Sudol –Music/Marching Instructors and Joelle Winter –Color Guard Instructor. Leigh Ann Dougherty was named Cheerleading Head Coach, and Alexandra Cholewa, Ashley Snyder, Leigh Anne Machowski and Melissa Snyder were named Cheerleading Asst. Varsity Coaches.

In sports, appointments were made to Kyle Kutney for Football -Asst. Varsity/Head Jr. High Coach; William Barrata for Football -Asst. Varsity/JV Coach; Jeff Bellas –Boys Basketball Asst. Varsity; Mark Jarolen Boys Basketball Asst. Varsity/ /Head JH Coach; Len Butczynski -Boys Basketball Volunteer Copach; Kyley Henry –Girls Basketball Asst. Varsity Coach; and Mark Atherton –and Darren Testa –Fall Weightlifting.

The Financial Committee chaired by Jerry Orloski asked the board to approve payments from the Capital Projects Fund for $34,452.21 to Fairway Motors for the work truck under the state contract; for $140,055.19 to Tremco Roofing for repairs to the High School Roof; for $45,562.10 to Miller Flooring for work at Rice Elementary and for $8,700 to Valley Power for a lawn tractor.

A contract is in place for bussing with Henry Bus Line, LLC. Mr. McLaughlin-Smith announced that the Rinehimer/Deets Bus Company is in receivership at this time. He explained that the Henry Bus Line, LLC will be acquiring the Rinehimer/ Deets shortly.