Bus Runs

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Drive from Cedar Manor to Fairview.

BUS # 14

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:10A.M picking up Sunset Gardens, Brook Hollow, Woodbryn, 309 N to Kirby Ave and Kirby Estates.

P. M. –Fairview Hills Parklane East, Arthur Circle, South Hill Court, and Deerpath Drive.) Drop off 309 S to Brook Hollow and Wood Bryn. Drop off S. Mountain Blvd from McDonalds to Carone’s.

BUS # 15

A. M. & P. M. Start at approximately 8:10A.M. from the corner of S. Main Road and Nuangola Road to Maple Drive, circle Wildwood Terrace to Oak Drive, back to S. Main Road, Timberwood, Powell Development,, Summit View Drive, Lee St., and Woodcrest Ave.

P. M.-Omit Powell Development, Summit View Dr, Lee St. and Woodcrest Ave.

BUS # 16

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:25A.M. going down Garden Ave in Briar Brook to Brook Lane, corner of Brook Lane and Wilkes Lane, Corner of Bow Creek Drive and Ash Lane, Corner of Bow Creek Drive and Ridgecrest, Corner of Hazlenut and Apple Tree and picking up Apple Tree Lane to Fairview.

P. M.-Shady Tree Drive to Corner of Shady Tree and Apple Tree, corner of Shady Tree and Hazelnut,, right onto Ridgecrest dropping off on Garden Ave. Rockledge Development, Powell Development, ARK Daycare, Woodcrest Drive, Lee Ave, and Sunrise Drive.

BUS # 19

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:00A.M. at James Place, Towanda St. to Middleburg, Tunnel Road, Ramblewood and Barry’s Road.

BUS # 20

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:15 A. M. in Sherwood Estates to South Main Road (behind Burger King) and picking up Elm St, Birch St., and Forest Road to Fairview.

BUS #21

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 7:35 A. M. in White Haven Pocono, Penn Lake, and Red Shale Pit Road.

BUS # 25

A. M. & P. M. – Kirby Ave from Spruce St to Harley Drive and Greystone Manor EXCEPT Cobblestone Lane, CircleDrive andAutumnDr.

BUS # 27

A. M.& PM -Start at approximately 8:05 A. M. at Little Giggles Daycare, going south on Route 309 picking up students beyond Forest Pointe, Bella Vista(turn around) , Hart Estates, back to 309 N, Green Mountain Estates, Building Blocks Daycare, Capital Hill Village. Pick up Spruce St to Fairview Elementary.

PM-Add Sunset Gardens BUS # 31

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:10A.M. on Church Road from St. Judes to intersection of Church Road and Rte. 437 to Highland Woods. Add Cobblestone Lane in Greystone Manor.

BUS # 35

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:30A.M. on Rte. 309S from top of the mountain to Kirby Ave, Fairview Hills, including Deer Path Drive, Park Lane and Arthur Circle and Fairview Park.

P. M. –Dropping off students on cornerof SpruceStandForest Rd to Fairview Park, right on Kirby, continuing up Kirby Ave to left on Woodlawn Ave and to Lehigh St.

BUS # 36

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:05A.M. picking up Rockledge to The Ark Daycare on S. Main Road then going north on Route 309 picking up on right side from Subway to Route 437 including Shining Stars and Little Big Steps Daycare to Gracedale Ave. to Chestnut St., N. Main St. to school.

P. M. –Forest Road to Summit Road to Birch St to Elm St to Forest Road to S. Main (behind Burger King) to N. Main Road to Gracedale Ave.

BUS # 40

A. M..-Start at 8:20 AM at Mt Top Hotel then Memorial Park Drive to Dale Drive to Valley View Drive., including Autumn Dr and Circle Drive.

P. M. – Spruce St to Valley View Drive, including Autumn Drive and Circle Drive, to Dale Drive and Memorial Park Road.

BUS # 42

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:00AM picking up Peat Moss Road. Continueto cornerofBuffaloStand Elmira St., Corner of Buffalo St and Wilkes St., Corner of Towanda St and Northumberland St., corner of Towanda St and Elmira, corner of Lehigh St and Erie St, Honey Hole Road and South Church Road.


A. M./P. M.-Glen Summit VAN 3

A. M/P. M.-Pick up Liberty St. VAN#9

A. M./PM-Pick up Brown St


A. M. -Start at approximately 8:05 AM picking up Forest Drive. Pick up Nuangola Road to Burma Road and Village of Mountain Top. Pick up again on Nuangola Road from Rule’s Garage to Church Rd to Rice.

P. M. -Nuangola Road from Henry Dr.(including Lillian Dr, Pope Terrace, Roger and Thomas St.

and Cutter Lane.) Drop off S. Main Road to high school parking lot,(dropping off Mt. Top Kids and The Ark Daycares students) Rte. 309 from high school to Konn’s Corners. Burma Rd. and the Village at Mountaintop.

BUS # 2

A. M. -Start picking up at approxi

mately 8:13 AM at High School parking lot (MtTop Kids & The Ark Daycares), Rte. 309S to Konn’s Corners, Henry Drive to Nuangola Road, left on Nuangola Road, picking up students 1st,2ndandThirdSts.,toSt. Martin-In-The-Field Church.

P. M. -Church Road from Rice Elementary School to Nuangola Road. Drop off Nuangola Road to Van Ave, drop off Van Ave and Nuangola Drive. Drop off Blue Ridge Trail from Nuangola Fire Hall to Slocum Corners.

BUS # 4

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately

8:00A.M. on Schmid’s Road to Slocum Rd. across Grosz’ Rd. to Lily Lake Rd. to Blue Ridge Trail . Pick up Nuangola Rd to Church Road including entrance to Willow Grove St. and Fawn Lane. Pick up from Wheels and the Firehall to Church Rd.

BUS # 6

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:00A.M. on Springtown Road to Small Mountain Road, Blue Ridge Trail, Amy Lane, Dirt Road, Skyline Drive and Georges Road, and Blue Ridge Trail to Stairville Road.

P. M. -Dropping off students on Nuangola Road (by Stone Church) to, 1st, 2nd and Third Sts., Henry Drive to Heslop Road and Wilderness Estates, Henry Drive to Prospect Road, Blue Ridge Golf Course and Prospect Road to St. Mary’s Road.

BUS # 8

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:15A.M. picking up students at Valley Stream Trailer Park (at mailboxes), and Park Drive.

BUS # 9

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:05A.M. picking up students on Alberdeen Road, including Washington Park , and Alberdeen Road to Mountainview Village. Pick up St. Mary’s Road from Dorrance Corners to Prospect Rd.

P. M. – Start at 3:35 pm on St. Mary’s Road off of Blytheburn Road(Old Post Farm section). Drop off St. Mary’s Road to Dorrance Corners. Start dropping off again on Alberdeen Road, including golf course, and Washington Park. Finish at Knights of Columbus.

BUS # 11

A. M.. -Start at approximately 8:05A.M. Start picking up on S. Main Road from Albert’s Corners to Albert Rd., Deerfield Acres, S. Main Road , Evergreen Lake Drive and Glendale Drive.

P. M.-S. Main Road from Albert’s Corners, Summit Meadows, Albert Road, Deerfield Acres and S. Main Road to Nuangola Road including Glendale Drive and Forest Drive.

BUS # 12

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:15A.M. picking up on Prospect Road, Alberdeen Acres, St. Mary’s Road from Prospect Road to Blytheburn Road, and Blytheburn Road from Slocum Road to Nuangola Road. Nuangola Road from the Pub to the firehall.

BUS # 17

A. M. -Start at approximately 8:15 A. M. at Little Giggles, Maplewood, and Church Road from Konn’s Corners to Rice.

BUS # 18

A. M-Polonia Estates, Ice Lake and Ice Ponds Development

P. M-Ice Lakes, Ice Ponds

BUS # 20

P. M. –Stairville Road from Rice Elementary to Fishers Corners. Drop off Blytheburn Road, Drop off Church Road from the Crossroads to Konn’s Corners. Then to Little Giggles Daycare and Maplewood Development.

BUS # 28

A. M. & P. M. – Pick up and drop off Forest Pointe, and Walden Park. (Walden Drive, Yorktown Road, Red Coat Lane, Brandywyn, and Mystic)

BUS # 29

A. M. -Start at 8:05A.M. picking up students in Summit Meadows to S. Main Road picking up between entrances of Albert Road and Deerfield Acres. Pick up Heslop Road and Wilderness Estates.

BUS # 30

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:05 A. M. on Route 309 from Konn’s Corners to Horizon Village, Walden Park,(Colonel’s Ridge Road, North Road, Rebel Hill Road, Revere Road) Building Blocks Daycare and Stonehedge.

BUS #32

A. M. -Begin at approximately 7:50A.M. on St. John’s Road, Gussies Lane, Taney Road, Sandy’s Way Lane, Acher Road, to Sunset Road down Blue Ridge Trail left onto South Main Road to intersection of Alberdeen Road.

P. M. – Dropping off Stairville Road past Subyak, left onto Blue Ridge Trail at Peter’s Gas to Georges Road, Amy Lane, Dirt Lane, Skyline Drive, to Blue Ridge Trail, to Mountain View

Village to St. John’s Road, Ridge Road, Gussies Lane, Taney Road, Acher Road and Sunset Road.

BUS #33

A. M. ONLY -Start at approximately 8:15A.M. on Blytheburn Road from Albert’s Corners to Stairville Road,

Blue Ridge Trail260 Country Club Dr. Mountain Top

and Stryjak Rd.

P. M. ONLY -Dropping off students

on Church Road from Nuangola Road to Albert’s Corners, turning right on S. Main Road, right on Springtown Road and Small Mountain Road.

BUS # 34

A. M. & P. M. -Start at approximately 8:10A.M. on Blue Ridge Trail at Mud Pond, picking up on Blue Ridge Trail through Slocum corners, right on Hollow Rd.

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