STUDENTS AS SCIENCE TEACHERS AT ST. JUDE’S-The fifth grade students at St. Jude School switched places with their science teacher for several classes at the end of the school year. The students were very excited about the “Students as Science Teachers” project. They were required to choose a Chapter and Lesson from their science text, submit a lesson plan, and conduct a class. Their plan was to include the title of the lesson, the objective, materials needed (i. e. Power Point presentation, worksheets), procedure, and assessment. Abby Lapinski chose “Compounds and Chemical Changes” for her class. She is shown guiding her students through an experiment which would be followed by a lab report from each student. Shown from left are Jared Bozinko, Brandon Wejkszner, Tm Gallagher, Derek Petrochko, Lapinski, Dillon Skupski, Ryan Williams, Dalton Preston, Anthony Limongelli, Mary Grace Eckert, Lauren Poharski, and Molly Dugan.