New Traffic Patterns Will Be In Effect On Crestwood Secondary Campus

New traffic patterns will be in effect on the Crestwood School District Secondary Campus for the 2013 –2014 academic year:


Beginning August 26, 2013, all student drop-offs made via automobile will occur through the South Main Road (rear) entrance to the Secondary Campus. Upon entering through the rear entrance, all vehicles will follow the established traffic route around the rear parking lot making their way toward the designated unloading area. All students will exit automobiles adjacent to the Middle School rear courtyard, traveling up the stairwell, turning left to enter the Middle School, and right to enter the High School, (video/still picture illustration to follow, as well as being placed on our website – entrance doors

will open at 7:15 AM daily. Cars dropping off students can exit the property expediently from the point of entrance on South Main Road.

Most importantly, upon arrival to the Secondary Campus, the majority of buses will enter the CSD property from the front entrance. All automobiles will be prohibited from entering the campus from the front entrance.


All students entering the South Main Road entrance will be expected to park in areas designated for student parking. There are two (2) designated lots, the first, most convenient lot, is in the rear of the building, and the second larger lot is in the front. All students are encouraged to fill the rear lot first and then, only when necessary, and prior to 7:15 AM, student drivers can travel up the south side access road to the front lot and successively fill the first row of defined spaces closest to the southern border of the campus (closest to the fence) working out to the traffic flow markers. Please note at 7:15 a. m. no automobiles will be permitted to travel to the front lot -all cars will be stopped and detained by traffic attendants while the buses unload and exit the lot. Consequently, all student drivers are encouraged to arrive early for the start of the school day.

Any vehicle arriving after 7:30 AM will be permitted to access the campus from the front and/or rear lot and may park in any available, defined parking space.

The rear drop off loop is the only area designated for student drop off. All drivers are reminded that traveling outside the established traffic route in an effort to “cut through” parking spaces to avoid waiting in line is prohibited. Therefore, clearly marked parking spaces (areas) are for parking only. Finally, all parking cars are expected to pull forward into spaces (nose in) to avoid the unnecessary safety risk of cars moving in opposing directions.

Dismissal Dismissal will occur with

all students boarding buses and automobiles in an orderly manner. The Wright Township Police Department will assist with dismissal controlling traffic to ensure an orderly flow of automobiles and cars exiting onto Route 309. Automobiles exiting from the rear of the campus must wait until all busses are loaded and exit the campus before joining the traffic flow.