Pauly Friedman Art Gallery To Present ‘Capturing Realism 2013’

The Pauly Friedman Art Gallery at Misericordia University will present “Capturing Realism 2013” a biennial exhibit of works instructors, alumni and apprentices from the nationally renowned studios of the Ani Art Academies and acclaimed modern master Anthony J. Waichulis. The installation will be on display Sept. 7 through Oct. 31.

The exhibit will open with a Meet the Artists Reception on Saturday, Sept. 7 from 5-8 p. m. in the Pauly Friedman Art Gallery. The Pauly Friedman Art Gallery hours are 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. Tuesday through Thursday; 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Friday; and Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 p. m.

The juried show will feature selected art from the Ani Art Academies Waichulis atelier, Bear Creek Twp., the Ani Art Academies Anguilla, on the Caribbean island of Anguilla; and the Ani Art Academies Dominicana, on the island of the Dominican Republic.

The biennial exhibit began in 1998 and returns to Misericordia every two years to offer a select expose of realist endeavors including still life, Trompe -L’oeil, landscape, portrait, and figure renderings in graphite, charcoal and oil.

Waichulis is a native of Nanticoke, graduated from Luzerne County Community College, and completed his formal art studies at Schuler School of Fine Arts in Maryland. He has an international reputation. His teaching career was launched in 1997, when he returned to his hometown and founded The Waichulis Studio.

In 2010, The Waichulis Studio merged with the newly formed Ani Art Academies, the brainchild of Tim Reynolds, co-founder of a Wall Street trading firm and patron of the arts, to offer art education on a global level. The Ani Art Academy Waichulis was established and was joined by the Ani Art Academies Anguilla in 2012 and Ani Art Academies Dominicana in 2013.

In addition to Waichulis, artists from the Ani Art Academies Waichulis will Sharon Hourigan, Mountain Top.

For more information visit the website www.aniartacademies.organd the Ani Art Academies Waichulis website information regarding the Pauly Friedman Art Gallery and upcoming exhibits, please log on to call (570) 674-6250.