BOY SCOUT TROOP 60 COMPLETE MERIT BADGE PROGRAMS-Boy Scouts from Troop 60 recently participated in a Crime Prevention Program with Cadets from Class 209 Hazleton Lackawanna College Police Academy. The Scouts engaged in discussions moderated by the Cadets on topics that included the role and value of laws in our society, the role of citizens, including youth in crime prevention; how to plan and organize a crime prevention program in a community, the role of a sheriff’s or police department in crime prevention, the history of fingerprinting, and the types of fingerprint systems and their functions. Hands on activities that the Scouts participated in included taking a clear set of fingerprints and recording each other’s prints, identifying basic types of fingerprint patterns, conducting presentations about school safety issues, and witnessing a mock crime and reporting the crime to a Cadet. Upon successful completion of the program Scouts earned their Fingerprinting and/or Crime Prevention merit badges. Cadet Victoria Trembone Cadet Lieutenant and Jerome Taylor Captain of Class 209 Hazleton served as program leaders and coordinators. Troop 60 is chartered by St. Jude Church.