19 Nuangola Property Owners Face $300 Fines For Pumping Delinquency

19 Nuangola property owners face

the borough’s mandatory pumping ordinance.

Borough Solicitor Jack Dean advises that he was directed by council to act against household listed as “2012 delinquent pumpers.”

A three-year pumping rotation was instituted as part of Nuangola’s Act 537 Plan which mandated sewers.

were ordered to follow a pumping schedule with one third of the 400+ on-lot systems to be pumped each year. The delinquency indicates that properties that were last pumped in 2009 were due for treatment again in the year 2012.

Borough protocols call for properties not in compliance yet,

that they must pump or suffer the consequences.

At the July 9th Council meeting presided over by John Kochan, Councilor Tony Deluca said that the list of delinquents was finalized, “It

that the plan was for Atty. Dean to file for non-compliance with the magistrate.

On Tuesday, July 23rd, Private Summary Complaints were filed by Nuangola Borough for violation of the Sewage Mgt Program Ordinance against Scott & Sharon Griswold, the Hartman Williams Wendt Trust, Anders & Joan Lunt, Joan K Maclunny, Brian & Jodell Andes, Mary & Eric Kaspriskie, John & Kimberly Dirico, Scott & Barbara Naftulin, Edmund Opachinski, Virginia Shine et al, Robert & Susan Athow, Stanley & Katherine Yaracz,

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