Karpinski State Winner In Pitch, Hit And Run Competition
Katie Karpinski

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A local Little League player from Slocum Township was recently honored on the field of Citizens Bank Park last month as an age group winner in the Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit and Run Competition.

The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run, is the official youth skills competition of Major League Baseball. Boys and girls, ages 7 to 14 are given the opportunity to showcase their pitching, hitting and running abilities in local, regional and state competitions across the country. The National Finals are held at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game every year.

Katie Karpinski was encouraged by one of her coaches, Don Hopkins, to compete in the local competition at the Mountaintop Baseball/Softball Complex at Alberdeen last month.

Crestwood High School student, Luke Modrosky, a former Little League player and current volunteer, approached the Mountaintop Area Little League Board of Directors in May, presented his plan, and asked permission to organize a local PHR competition. Two weeks later, the