CHUCK E. CHEESE VISITS ST. JUDE SCHOOL-Each year, seventh and eighth grade students at St. Jude School participate in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Regional Competition. Students who earn a First Place rating are then invited to the finals at Penn State Main Campus in State College. Fundraisers are held to defray the cost of attending this competition. In order to promote a special “St. Jude’s Night” at the local Chuck E. Cheese family restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese himself visited with classes at the school, encouraging them to eat at his restaurant and support the efforts of PJAS at the same time. Shown, front from left: Charles Molecavage, Emile Adamczyk, Mia Kane, Josh Van Pelt, Veronica Gorka, and Lauren Urosevich. Row two: Noah Billig, Hillary Hoda, Shannon Finney, Chuck E. Cheese, Gemma Alberti, AJ DellDonna, and Molly Jameson. Back: Taylor Bayley, Shreya Rupareliya, Caden Sparich, Ryan Martinelli, Delaney Curley, Caleb Keiser, and Kaitlyn Bozinko.