Hit And Run Charges Filed

Officers from three municipalities responded to a 911 call of hit and run damage to vehicles on Woodlawn Avenue on May 15th.

According to police reports filed with Magistrate Ronald Swank, Officer John Gyory of Fairview Township Police Department was dispatched to 61 Woodlawn Avenue at 1:22 am with a report of a motor vehicle accident. The caller stated that a “an unknown vehicle” had hit a car and driven away.

Arriving on the scene, Officer Gyory found a burgundy colored Chevrolet truck disabled and abandoned in the south bound lane of Route 437. The truck was severely damaged in the front end, leaking fluids, and unoccupied. Inside, Ptlm. Gyory saw beer bottles in the cab including an open bottle. The driver’s air bag had been deployed. The registration showed that the truck belonged to Joseph D. Macri, 37, of Church Road.

Following a trail of truck parts and lost fluids from the Chevy, Gyory backtracked to the areas where the two hit and run accidents had occurred.

Officer Fromm of Wright Township and Officer Zane from Rice Township arrived on the scene to render assistance. Together, they searched the roadway and found that two vehicles were damaged: one minor damage and one that was struck in the rear and then pushed 50 feet off the roadway, grazing a PPL pole.

The three officers determined that Macri’s vehicle had grazed the first vehicle and then scored a direct hit on the next vehicle, after which the truck continued “southbound on Woodland Avenue for approximately another half mile until it broke down on the

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