Nuangola Summer Sports Day Brings Out The Competitors
CANOE RACERS Jill and Alie Griswold raced in the 14 and under age category at the Annual Lake Nuangola Water Sports Day festivities. Participants ranged in age from four through 60, competing in swimming, canoe races, kayak races and the popular Tube Relay Races. Trophies were awarded to place finishers but every walked, or swam, away a winner!

In a summer tradition at the lake-side community, Nuangola’s young and young-at-heart root for swimmers and racers in every kind of human-powered boat.

The big competition was held on Saturday July 27th and brought out racers in numerous age categories from water –wings to the wrinkled set, yet each entrant exhibited the steely-eyed gaze and grit to shoot for first place on the ribbon stand.

Although rain was in the forecast participants came out in good numbers, registering for age-appropriate events ranging from the 4 years-old and under right on up to the 60 and over set.

Swimmers line up by age, and then the racers splashed and kicked to the roar of family and neighbors.

Take some canoes and a bunch of old, and some new, friends, throw in a dash of competitive spirit and you have the ever-popular East-side/ West-side canoe race. Expect lots of good-natured splashing.

You are definitely going to get wet if you line up for the Tube Relay Race. That’s a popular one because no matter how hot the competition, parts of you always stay cool.

Things get more organized for the M. Luther Kaiser Memorial Kayak Race, where the rivals line up with purpose and paddle with determination to their goal.

Throughout the events, contestants commonly face off against folks that they’ve competed against many years in a row. It leads to familiarity, serious trash talking and lots and lots of laughs.

At the end of the contentious day each year, the contenders regroup for a friendly repast. The Family Picnic is for all of the competitors and everyone else to meet up at the Lake Association Pavilion for the awarding of the trophies.

This happy meal is another great tradition. Where good food and comradery soothe sore muscles and egos, communities are rebuilt and refreshed. And hey, you can always get them next year at the Lake Nuangola Water Sports Day!