USE YOUR IMAGINATION PRESENTED AT ST. JUDE-A musical entitled Use Your Imagination, by Michael and Jill Gallina, was performed by the third grade class at St. Jude School. Second grade students provided the chorus. It was a story featuring Muses of the Mind including Spark of Creativity, Mother of Invention, and Maker of Dreams, vs. Enemies of Imagination including Frustration, Boredom, and Failure. The play featured characters such as Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Elijah McCoy, the Wright Brothers, Marie Curie, and Thomas Edison. Vocal selections included “Dare to Dream”, “Don’t Look Back”, “Movers and Shakers”, and more. Cast and Chorus member, front from left: –Aubrey Jumper, Ethan Stoltz, Thomas Mayernik, Christopher Papciak, Jordyn Chepolis, and Kyra Hayden. Row two: Charles Molecavage, Veronica Gorka, Molly Jameson, Lauren Urosevich, Gemma Alberti, Josh Van Pelt, Shannon Finney, Mia Kane, Emily Adamczyk, Delaney Curley, Brooks Lapinski, and Bobby Shafer. Row three: Caden Sparich, Hillary Hoda, Brian Billig, Connor Moran, Chloe Pugh, Sophia Bere, Matthew Kerstetter, Cameron McCarthy, William Wolfgang, AJ DellDonna, and Katelyn Bozinko. Back: Ryan Martinelli, Andre Nasiatka, Chase Pugh, Daryl Boich, Brandon Schwartz, Edward Patrick, Evan Wejkszner, Connor Spencer, Matthew Banford, Caleb Keiser, and Shreya Rupareliya.