Musicians Sharon, Abigail Truschel Receive Trophies For Piano Duets
MOTHER AND DAUGHTER Sharon and Abigail Truschel received trophies from the National Federation of Music Clubs for performing piano duets.

Sharon Truschel and her daughter, Abigail, both received trophies from the National Federation of Music Clubs after being adjudicated performing two piano duets.

This is Sharon’s second Silver trophy which takes a minimum of six years to achieve. Abigail, received her second Gold Cup in 2012 in Piano Duets which takes six years to achieve, and third Gold Cup trophy in Hymn Playing in 2013 which takes a minimum of nine years to achieve. In 2012, Abigail also received her third Gold Cup in Piano Solos which takes nine years to achieve, and was a 2013 Piano Concerto participant.

Abigail is an Honors student in her junior year at Holy Redeemer High School. She has been a piano student of Andrea Bogusko, Mountaintop, for the past 11 years and earned the prestigious Paderewski Gold Medal in 2012 from the National Guild of Piano Teachers for performing 10 memorized pieces for 10 years.

Abigail lives in Mountaintop with her mother, Sharon, and father, Dr, Jack Truschel.