Nuangola Council Pushes Back Sewer Project Completion Date

In their July 9 meeting Nuangola Council members, lead by John Kochan, revealed that the project completion date has been revised yet again. With an initial target date of August 15th for the scope of work, weather delays prompted a new date of September 15. Now, the Sewer Authority reports that it is estimating that 90% of the entire construction will be in place between August 15 and September 15.

Later, Councilor Tony Deluca asked for a motion to eliminate any septic system pumping requirement for the year 2013. Having been on a mandatory three year rotation, Deluca explained that the impending sewer connection will require everyone to pump and close down their on-lot systems.

Council Vice President Joseph Tucker concurred adding that every house in the borough will have to be pumped, “in the first quarter of 2014,” indicating a final hook up date sometime next year. The motion was made and passed.

It was also discussed that the $9 million system has sustained serious engineering cost over runs from Quad 3. Councilman and Sewer Authority Treasurer Ted Vancosky presented an update containing a financial survey, “The original engineering bid was $556,180, to date we’ve paid out close to $700,000. I’m not going to sugar coat it.” It was also noted that part of the additional costs is the demand from Luzerne County for a new swale design for Blytheburn Road, where the conveyance lines meet the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority system.

Staying on this theme, Nuangola Avenue resident John Pisaneschi expressed his displeasure with the project due to a series of subcontractors trying to install a lateral line to his home’s grinder pump. “I want to make five points. I have had headaches galore since the beginning. I was in favor of this at the start because I was told it would protect my well water, but my water has never been so dirty.

“We’ve had three different subcontractors each cleaning up the mess the last one made. My house sits on rock. The pounding from trying to run that line was just continuous. I may have been sold a bill of goods.”

He continued that the noise of the construction is in competition with the noise from the motor boats pounding away outside his lake-front home, “There are jet skis going by with children operating them, 11 and 12 year-olds.”

He said that the size of the waves kicked up by these big boats prevent his family from being able to safely swim. He says that the boats speed on one side of the house and cars race on the street, in effect he believes that Nuangola has turned into a resort by the influx of summer vacationers.

Making his final point, he said that rumors have started that the sewers are going to result in the development of townhouses. “I hope it’s not true, because that will only mean more jet skis, more traffic and I think we need to give very serious thought into what can be done to correct these problems.”

As required by sewer funding agency USDA, the board approved Ordinance No. 2 of 2013 guaranteeing the USDA loan in the amount of $4.472 million. Solicitor Jack Dean explained that the ordinance was duly advertised as a notice of the “incurrence of non-electoral debt pursuant to the local governmental unit debt act.”

Long-term Sewer Authority member Dan Pekar was thanked for over 4 years of service to his community. He is stepping down because he is relocating. Any resident interested in filling the vacancy may send a letter of interest to council.

The board approved a request from Tucker to take immediate action to lease the appropriate equipment to restore swales compromised by a recent 3.25 inch rain. Identifying several west-side streets, Tucker said, “Those swales don’t exist anymore.

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