Nuangola Cottage Decoration Continues Colorful Tradition

Every year on a hot Saturday in July, the Nuangola Lake Association hosts Cottage Decoration, a magical, colorful pageant of theme-based tableaus lovingly produced for fun and prizes!

For Nuangolians of every age, the annual competition evokes nostalgic and hilarious memories of relatives and friends drawing, painting, singing, dancing, jumping in the lake to cool off and then starting all over again. Simply put, it’s a tradition.

The logistics of the Lake Association’s program are handled most capably by Olga Nosovitch, Nancy Williams and Sally Shea, who pick a theme –this year is Famous People, Fictional or Real –keep a log of those intending to participate and find impartial judges willing to spend the evening floating the circumference of the candle-lit lake to evaluate the contestants.

The evening would not be complete without the efforts of the Stapinski and Wagner families who take on the task of supplying the materials that produce the fairytale glow of a cottage decoration night: the luminaries. With candles imbedded in sand and encased in white paper bags, the lake front becomes a luminescent boundary, gently mirrored in wavery reflection.

“It started as a boat parade, then it turned into the ‘decorate your cottage or your dock’ event we have now,” Williams says. “This goes back at least 60 years. We picked this theme because we thought the kids would really enjoy doing this. They could do Harry Potter or Wizard of Oz or an historic figure, or someone from world events.”

Nancy says that the registration of participants is to ensure that no one is missed in the judging, and having

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