St. Jude Science Fair Winners
FIRST PLACE WINNERS in the St. Jude School sixth, seventh and eighth grade science fair were Makenzie Savner, seventh grade; Julia Foust, eighth grade; and Tommy Shafer, sixth grade.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at St. Jude School participated in the school’s annual science fair.

Students were graded on creativity and use of the scientific method. The projects could not be ones that had been submitted for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition.

The winners from each grade were as follows:

Sixth Grade –First Place –Tommy Shafer for “Effect of Microwaves Radiation on Seed Growth”; Tie for Second Place between Nicholas Ganter for “Comparing Sponges’ Absorption” and Bryce Zapusek for “Rusting of Nails”; Tie for Third Place between Matthew Hayden for “Which Stain Remover is the Best?”; and Emily Thomas for “To Tea or Not to Tea”.

Seventh Grade –First Place –Makenzie Savner for “How Long Can You Go?”; Second Place –Molly McAndrew for “Fast Acting”; Third Place –Maria Strish for “Sensible Sunscreens”.

Eighth Grade –First Place –Julia Foust for “The Burning Truth”; Second Place –Josh Zapusek for “Cell Phone Transmission”; Third Place –Randie Kuhar for “Sweet Substitutes”.