Heslop Road Paving Project To Be Completed By July 30

Heslop Road is scheduled for paving completion by July 30, 2013 according to a Notice to Proceed contract filed between Rice Township and Pennsy Supply, Inc. The contract states that the contract times will commence on July 10 and that date of substantial completion is July 30, 2013. The date for final readiness for final payment is August 13, 2013. The bid was awarded in June for $102,242. As of this writing, July 15, I see no work in progress on Heslop Road.

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors voted to accept dedication of the extension of Manor Drive, Woodbury Estates to Aleksander Boulevard on the Final Plan of Phase II, Polonia Estates at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday July 9. The action officially connects the two streets, opening it up to traffic between the Woodbury Estates and Polonia Estates subdivisions.

The intersection was to be completed for Phases II and III of Polonia Estates as a condition of approval since 2007. Rice Solicitor Bill Higgs told the board that the dedication was possible, because it is shown in the Final Plan of Phase II, Polonia Estates, Rice Township recorded in Luzerne County Map Book, 183, page 8.

The board also approved a motion to have the solicitor investigate the status of public improvements (whether or not properly completed) for Phases II and III of Polonia Estates and the bringing of legal action against the developer of Polonia Estates to compel completion of public improvements and/or for damages.

The Rice supervisors have given Conditional/Final Approval to Presidential Land Co. for Woodberry Phase 3. Conditions included that a second entrance to the development of any barricades (completed); Filing of a request for Extension for Approval by the Board of Supervisors since Preliminary Approval was more than 5 years ago. In addition the developer shall provide financial security satisfactory to the solicitor and township engineer and equal to 110% of the cost of completion. Woodbury Manor was granted a one year extension on the third phase preliminary Approval for the Woodberry Manor subdivision.

Higgs has been working on the problem of opening the road between the two developments for several years.

Rice Township Zoning Hearing Board has received a petition for a change of zoning for 2.5 acres of land currently owned by Margaret Joan Buff at Interstate Route 81 and Church Road. George F. Hayden, 7 Hawk Lane, Mountaintop, is under contract to purchase the property for $50,000. It is currently zoned Residential and Hayden’s petition states that the property has its highest and best use as Commercial. Hayden says the property is larger than most residential properties in the immediate vicinity. Hayden does not have an immediate use intended for the property.

The Rice Supervisor Board approved payments to two attorneys totaling $6008.50 for various services. Attorney Donald H. Brobst, Partner in the Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald firm was approved for an additional $2,023.50 to services related to the Marcia Thomas Vs. the Rice Township case. Included in the itemized bill was $798 –2.8 hours for analysis of file-re-evaluation for settlement negotiation purposes; $712.50 for 2.5 hours -Telephone call with Toni Rogan; Review of correspondence from and attached material from Don Armstrong; analysis of file. $513 was for 1.8

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