Dave Williams’ Custom Built 1928 Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod
READY TO ROLL-Dave William’s grand-daughters Saphire Williams and Kimber Tyler, granddaughters of Dave Williams, enjoyed posing for a photo in granddad’s custom built street rod.

Dave Williams has a new “toy” out on the roadway these days. This “toy”, however, took five years to build –a 1928 Ford T-Bucket hot rod. The convertible boasts a 350 turbo transmission, and a 283 Chevy engine with 4 barrel Holley carburetor.

Williams, who used to own a garage in Mountaintop where Mountain Tobacco is now, said he has always had an interest in cars and always wanted to build one. Although the body is a fiberglass replica of the 1928 model and Williams installed seatbelts and made it street legal, the car is still unique and draws a lot of attention.

“I was just looking through magazines, looking for something to build, something to occupy my time,” says Williams.

It’s funny that Williams needs “something to occupy” his time as he has been in business all his life since moving to the mountain in 1972. Besides the garage on 309, Williams started Action Alarm Company the same year where it remains near the Warm Welcome Mall.

Williams started Action Alarm Company when the security company he worked for had gone out of business. Williams began servicing systems all across the area, as far away as State College and Altoona and worked at Mountaintop Cigar at the time along with Action Alarm until he became self-sufficient. Since so many of his chain accounts were out of town, the driving eventually got to be too much and Williams had to figure out a better way. Condense his geographical service area, perhaps? No, Williams earned his pilot’s license and flew to his service areas from the Wyoming Valley Airport.

You would think that having a twenty-year successful business and a flight hobby would be enough, however Williams began a live telephone answering service in 1992 where he and his wife, Diane, his daughters Brenda and Dianne, and grandchildren Diane Grohowski and Deric Williams are actively involved in the day to day operations. The service, which takes on calls for doctors and pages them out, has grown to employ twenty two local people.

With the economy the way it is, Williams says he will stay very active in the family business, hoping that his sons and daughters will eventually take over. In the meantime, he and his wife have been enjoying the newly finished project. They’ve taken it around the local area to bazaars and car shows, and have even taken it to Florida to show.

“We are very proud of our businesses and very proud of the car,” said Williams “It was a nice toy to build and it is very fun to maintain.”