Shootout In Rice Township

Gunshots were exchanged by two men at 1800 Heslop Road, Rice Township on Wednesday July 3 about 8:30 p. m. Nicholas Drust, 19, 796 Keating Street, Wilkes Barre fired 14 rounds from a black Glock semi-automatic hand gun at Larry Papach, 75, 32 Wilderness Drive, who returned fire with 6 rounds from his pistol. According to Rice Township police, both men were inside their cars as the gunshots were fired.

Papach was hit in the hand and shoulder from Drust’s fire. Robert Drust, father of the Glock shooter and driver of a 1999 Red Honda Civic, was injured in his left thigh area.

Nicholas Drust is charged with attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and recklessly endangering another person. Rice Township Patrolman Brian J. Stout and Pennsylvania State Trooper Christopher Hill filed the police criminal complaint.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, Harry Kemmerer, 1800 Haystack Mountain Road, (the original historic name for Heslop Road) contacted the Luzerne County Communications Center (911) about 8:06 p. m. to report a suspicious vehicle on Heslop Rd, Rice Township. Kemmerer told police he had noticed the 1999 red Honda Civic in the past on this road and had made reports to police. Kemmerer then contacted his friend and neighbor Larry Papach.

Kemmerer and Papach blocked the roadway in an attempt to identify and hold the vehicle in place until police arrived. Nicholas and Robert Drust occupied in the 1999 Red Honda Civic, approached Kemmerer and Papach. Robert Drust, the driver exited his vehicle and requested to leave the area. He became agitated when he learned that the police were contacted, yelling and screaming at Kemmerer and Papach. Robert Drust

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