Dorrance Solicitor Replaced In Split Vote

Dorrance supervisors, with Chairman Gary Zane presiding, voted at their July 1st meeting to remove long-term Solicitor James A. Schneider with current Planning Commission Solicitor Donald G. Karpowich.

The vote appeared on the brief agenda as New Business, toward the end of the meeting. Zane announced he was revising the lineup to make the switch immediately, empowering Atty. Karpowich to act on the board’s behalf.

The replacement of Schneider did not come unanimously, however, with Vice Chair Royce Engle casting an emphatic “No” vote on both the termination of Schneider and the appointment of Karpowich.

When asked why the replacement was taking place, Supervisor Bill Wengrzynek said, “financial reasons.” Zane concurred, “That’s the most prominent reason.”

Karpowich immediately assumed his duties.

Zoning Officer Alan Snelson reported that an update of the township’s 30 year-old Comprehensive Plan is in the works. He said that a community survey has been drafted and is available to all residents to complete and return. The form may be picked up at the municipal building and elsewhere in the township. Snelson encouraged residents to participate in the process, “This questionnaire is very simple, very straightforward.”

Supervisors ask that the forms be completed and returned by August 15th.

A revision of the Subdivision Ordinance is also in the works, it was announced. Karpowich explained that the amendment will simplify the process of reverse subdivision or reunifying contiguous lots. When combining lots the costs are prohibitive, Snelson said.

Karpowich explained, “We are discussing the process of when someone has three or less lots, they can combine those lots into one lot without going through the formal process of a subdivision. That requires a surveyor, a subdivision plan; there are filing fees with both the township and the county. Many municipalities are getting away from that for residents who have small contiguous lots.”

The revision of the SALDO will require a review by the planning commission and board of supervisors, along with a public hearing for comment from residents. He said he will draft the amendment and submit it for approval before advertising the change.

It was reported that the fire company responded to two motor vehicle accidents and two false alarms. The ambulance handled eight medical calls, one motor vehicle accident and assisted the fire company once.