Magistrate Reports

Charges were filed against Edmund Dennis Robaczewski, 47, of Slocum by Shickshinny PA State Police Officer Jeffery T. Andress on an incident that occurred on June 18.

The individual was charged with one Misdemeanor count of Simple Assault and a count of Harassment –Subject Other to Physical Contact.

Arrest documents show that, upon arriving at the scene at approximately 4:30 a. m. the trooper interviewed the accused who was in the rear of the Slocum Township Ambulance. He claimed his stepson and two unidentified black males broke into his bedroom, attacked him and departed with his wife. He was then transported for treatment.

Subsequently, Trooper Andress interviewed Christa Robaczewski who stated that she and the defendant were in bed when an argument ensued resulting in his physical attack upon her. She said that he hit her in the head with a beer can and threw a fan at her, hitting her left foot. She said that he chased her around the room, grabbing her legs and arms and trying to push her. At this point, she explained, her son broke into the room and exchanged blows with the defendant until such time that they could get away.

The trooper did observe injuries on Mrs. Robaczewski’s arms and legs and a large bruise on her forehead consistent with her account of events.

A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for July 31, 2013 before Magisterial District Judge Ronald W. Swank.


DUI charges were brought against Mark W. Kincheloe, 57, of Rice Township, on and incident occurring at approximately 10:30 a. m. on May 26 at the Turkey Hill in Fairview.

Fairview Township Officer Jocelyn Wadzin, and Detective Sergeant Phillip Holbrook were dispatched to that location for a report of a two-car accident at Gas Pump No. 9.

Claire Keiper, owner of the other vehicle, was pumping gas when her passenger, Jeannie Pliscott, witnessed the defendant backing towards the car. She promptly beeped the horn to warn him.

The documents show that Kincheloe realigned his car and was able to back toward the other pump, at which point he opened his door into the other vehicle and fell out of his car and onto the ground.

The officers report that Kincheloe exhibited slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet. He stated that he drove to Turkey Hill to get gas, pulled into the gas pump and must have hit her door. The defendant was requested to submit to field sobriety tests. Kincheloe said that he had no medical problems that would stop him from doing the tests.

Det. Sgt. Holbrook attempted to administer the finger dexterity test, but Kincheloe was unable to follow the instructions for the test, stating that he was drunk and could not do the test. He was also unable to comply with the finger to nose test.

He was placed under arrest and taken for blood alcohol testing. The results show that Kincheloe had a blood alcohol level of 0.278% which is more than three times the state limit of 0.08%.

Kincheloe was charged with one count of Driving Under The Influence, and one count of DUI -.16% or higher.

A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for July 17, 2013 before Magisterial District Judge Ronald W. Swank.