Nuangola Sewer Construction And Testing Expected To Run To October
INFLAMED RICE TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS packed the meeting room of the Board of Supervisors last week to express their opposition to an ordinance approved by Miller Stella and George Venesky that decertified the Rice Township Volunteer Fire Company. Fire company supporter Joe Powers was one of many who addressed the board.

With an announced deadline for construction of August 15th looming for the majority of the borough, Nuangola council members retreated from that date somewhat at their June 11th meeting.

The first to offer a new timetable was Council Member and Sewer Authority Treasurer Ted Vancosky who reported that the system is to be phased; properties starting on the east side to Fawn Lane are scheduled to be construction free by August 15th. The deadline for Fawn Lane, North End Road, Krell Street and a dirt road that skirts the Penobscot Mountain rise, was pushed back to a hook-up date of September 15th.

He cautioned though, that testing of the extensive system will likely not be completed until October.

This point was reinforced by President John Kochan who advised residents, “You’re not going to be cut loose until sometime in the winter.”

Kochan’s response was addressed to questions regarding the checklist of responsibilities property owners must complete to make the final connection to the system and to decommission their on-lot facilities. “First you have to cut off the old system then you have to pump it dry.”

Vancosky noted that a primer is in the works by sewer authority member Gerard Maskinas. He added, “I think it would benefit council to seriously consider the plan.”

He continued, “Since we already have a number of services on file of business who are permitted to come in and do our pumping, why don’t we do competitive bidding have one company? Instead of each person spending $150 or $175, we could enter into a contract and save everybody money.”

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