School Board Budget Shows 1% Tax Hike

In a brief June 20th meeting chaired by Eric Aigeldinger, the Crestwood School Directors adopted a $33.8 million budget for the coming school year with a tax rate of 9.2516 mills, an increase from 9.1516 mills from the 2012-13 rate.

The annual process of delivering a fiscal plan was initiated with a motion in January to stay within the state-regulated index rate of 2.2%. This allowed the board to eliminate the presentation of a preliminary budget.

A proposed Final Budget was unveiled at the director’s May session, with business manager Courtney Lomax of the Albert Melone Company providing details. At that time the power point showed at projected bottom line budget of $34.1 million, including a beginning fund balance of over $3.8 million.

In June Lomax explained that fine-turning of the figures promised in May resulted in a reduction of a contracted item-healthcare . “Last month we were showing a deficit of $820, 237. We’ve reduced that deficit to $555,074. You’ll remember several months ago the board approved hiring a broker of record to look into the healthcare for the school district.”

She noted that the savings delivered by the broker of record signifies an overall reduction in healthcare cost by approximately 9%.

Director Martin Behm commended the Finance Committee, Chaired by Jerry Orloski, and the administration for working with the healthcare broker to achieve the savings to the district.

Those sentiments were echoed by former educator Barry Boone who added his support for the cooperation of, “the board, the administration and the entire staff for working together.”

Approval was also raised, this time by Director Dave Ralston for

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